You can now support Community Agriculture in Dorset

You can now support Community Agriculture in Dorset

Community Supported Agriculture

Over the last year Adam and Dee have been working hard to set up Southern Roots Organics, an organic market garden on land they rent from Lower Hewood Farm, and now they need your help!

Last year they supplied local restaurants, cafes and pubs with their produce and now they want to produce more to meet this demand and to supply local households with their vegetables as well.

They are starting a Community Supported Agriculture scheme – This is a fairly new model where people join as members and buy a ‘share of the harvest’ – equating to a big box of fresh vegetables for 32 weeks between mid June 2017 and the end of Jan 2018.

This model is growing in popularity around the UK and Europe and offers some real advantages over many traditional forms of direct, local sales. By committing to support them for the growing season, members help make farming more predictable with and secure income, lower risks and stronger relationships with the people who eat our produce. In return members get fantastic quality vegetables at a fair price, and a relationship to the people and land that produce their food. This model helps move farming out of the ‘free market’ by building stronger relationships between producers and customers with stable prices and commitments from both sides.

How you can help:

  1. Donate to the Crowdfunder – In order to launch they need to raise £5000 for some essential equipment and infrastructure.
  1. Help Promote the Launch –Tell your friends, family and colleagues, share this page.
  1. Join as a Member – if you are able to pick up veg boxes from the farm, in Beaminster or Bridport you can join as a member and sample the wonderful produce. Boxes will cost £480 for 32 weeks, equating to £15 a week.

Email for more information.