Our personal health, wellbeing and happiness is not a destination in itself, but a journey along the way. It is also fundamental to our quest for sustainability and resilience. We need to be fully conscious of every aspect of our lives, every second of our journey, allowing us to take full control of our actions, at one with nature, and fit for the future. If there is any possibility that our actions right now could prejudice the lives of future generations, we should stop and think again. We need to rise to the task of dealing with the many social and environmental problems, in a holistic approach, that is the way to achieve long-lasting health, wellbeing and happiness.

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Poole Enviroteers aspires to get all members of the Poole community volunteering and taking part in their local open space environments.

We help you use your buying power to choose fresh, local, high welfare, seasonal foods which support small scale, independent businesses and cool the planet with every bite.

A playgroup that's kinder on the planet

A playgroup, with loads of enthusiasm to encourage parents to be more sustainable, promoting cloth nappies, cooking without waste, make do and mend. With two very experienced, sustainable mummies taking the reins.

Nature, sustainability, camping

We are a family with a small organic farm, with camping, where peaceful wide open fields and beautiful s/w facing views await you. We are passionate about sustainable living.

Purple Nanny is an independent retailer of Cruelty Free products. Helping shoppers make ethical shopping easier.