Sustainability offers us a solution to our destructive consumerist behaviour. It will ensure our continued existence without ruining the chances of our children. It gives us the chance to thrive and live well on a planet with finite resources. We know that we are facing more environmental problems than ever before, and with a swelling global population, alternative ways of living must be considered. In Dorset there are already many people and communities living more sustainably. There is a rise in the number of people growing their own vegetables or working on a community-growing project. People are considering how they can cut their own carbon emissions and reduce dependency on travelling by car. There are a number of community energy projects and many individuals have already made the switch to renewable energy. Changes to diet like eating less meat and buying locally sourced food all contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. This more sustainable, inclusive and local way of living supports personal health and well-being and a higher quality of life and moves us towards a more resilient circular economy where one person’s waste feeds another’s resource. An economy where there is no waste.

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Recently given the first Ecochurch Gold Award for local, organic, animalfriendly, fairtrade food policy, woodchip biomass heating to the whole friary/ electricity – pv electricity (10%), Ecotricity (90%), carsharing with electric cars, land…

Promoting sustainable living in Lyme Regis

Turn Lyme Green promotes sustainable living in Lyme Regis. We engage the community in environmental issues. We meet regularly, plan campaigns and events, and have fun.

The Zero Waste Shop offers everyday grocery, cleaning and personal care products, packaging free and ZERO WASTE. WNWN aims to provide communities in West Dorset with accessibility to a more sustainable way of life.

Create Tomorrow #BeTheChange

We Do Ethical is our not-for-profit organisation. Inspiring healthy and ethical living, we run four community programmes to tackle waste, educate and inspire people to be the change we need to see in our world for a more sustainable future.

WWoW is a focussed and dynamic grassroots community group that seeks to raise awareness about the environmental impact of single use plastic through events, talks, displays and workshops. We started out in January 2017, focussed on reducing single…

Empowering conscious nappy choices

We offer information, advice and support on choosing or switching to reusable nappies.