There is an exciting and growing shift in business models that seek to meet our needs without destroying our fragile ecosystems. This Sustainable Economy may go by different names (e.g. Circular Economy, New Economy, Blue Economy or Inclusive Economy), however all address the same issues – the collapse of our current global economy, resource depletion and climate change. Across Dorset there are many new enterprises emerging as co-ops, public interest companies and social enterprises that seek to address these issues. Existing businesses too now realise the need to care for the wellbeing of people, and the finite resources of the planet as well as returning profits for their shareholders. What lies at the core of this new economy is the focus on localised human relationships and communities. The new developing enterprises are diverse, adaptable and resilient. They take care of their employees, and the local community and consider the whole life-cycle of their product, turning waste into a new resource, and choose renewable energy as standard. These socially responsible organisations will create a sustainable and healthy economy that is environmentally sound and creates a stable society where we can all thrive.

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All over Dorset, the UK and the world, people are GETTING THINGS DONE WITHOUT MONEY … they belong to their LOCAL EXCHANGE TRADING SYSTEM.

Where the money flows, the economy grows

We inform people how our monetary system works. We campaign for a Sovereign Money system in the long term and in the short term for an alternative form of Quantitative Easing to benefit society not financial markets.

Coming soon to Dorset…. The first mobile zero waste shop designed to serve the community across the greater area of Bridport in supporting the purchase of groceries without using single use plastics.