Sustainable farming practices are supported by the local economy. There is a lot of information and awareness about how to choose food more sustainably and in Dorset it couldn’t be easier. With the large numbers of local farm shops and roadside stalls, buying fresh, local, free range produce is a realistic option, it tastes better too! Buying local food supports the local economy, encourages more sustainable farming practices and decreases the ‘food miles’ (number of miles from production to plate), which in turn helps to reduce pollution. But even for things like bananas and coffee, which we can’t buy locally, we can still buy more sustainably. Fairtrade options give more back to the communities who grow them and help to give those communities the luxury of choosing to be more sustainable and less damaging to the environment.

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CapeFarewell has for 20 years championed climate change as a cultural challenge. Using creativity to create climate narratives, we work locally and internationally with education, the public and endeavour to hold our leaders to account.

Compassionate Dorset aims to help end factory farming by empowering local consumers to make a difference for animals, people and our planet – through our everyday food shopping choices – from eating free-range meat/dairy to going vegan.

Supporting Dorset's producers

Supporting Dorset’s diverse producers of food and drink. If you love to explore the county for great things to eat, drink and cook you’ll find all you need to know at Dorset Food & Drink.

We help you use your buying power to choose fresh, local, high welfare, seasonal foods which support small scale, independent businesses and cool the planet with every bite.