Climate change will affect transport conditions, causing more slippery winter roads and highlighting transport links vulnerability to high winds, flooding and storms. Bridges, roads and railways will all become more vulnerable in stronger winds, more frequent flooding and storm events and soil moisture changes. This could all happen as the climate changes. Coastal villages and towns could become cut off although luckily Dorset doesn’t have any proper coastal roads. Colder winters would lead to icier roads and wetter weather would lead to more slippery roads. Both of these factors will increase accidents. Cars contribute towards climate changes and air pollution. Dorset Cyclists Network is working with local authorities to try to improve conditions for cyclists. DCN is also promoting cycling as environmentally friendly transport as well as improve your health and relieving road congestion.

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Improving cycle facilities in Bournemouth

Improving cycle facilities in Bournemouth. The Bournemouth Cycle Forum meets quarterly at Bournemouth Town Hall to discuss and promote cycling in Bournemouth and the local area.

Maximising Efficiency and Creating a Cleaner Tomorrow Today

Permanently Reducing Carbon Emissions emitted from vehicles. With one off engine cleans every year or a permanent retrofit system to any vehicle permanently reducing emissions.