A Transition Initiative is a community working together to tackle the twin problems of Peak Oil and Climate Change. It delves into the big question - “how do communities significantly increase resilience (to mitigate the effects of Peak Oil) and drastically reduce carbon emissions (to mitigate the effects of Climate Change)" for all those aspects of life that this community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive? Its aim is to produce an "Energy Descent Action Plan" to cover a 15 to 20 year timescale and requires a comprehensive and creative process of: * Awareness raising around peak oil and climate change * Building bridges to local government * Connecting with other transition initiatives * Forming groups to look at all the key areas of life (food, energy, transport, health, heart & soul, economics & livelihoods, etc). * Building people's understanding of resilience, carbon issues and community engagement is essential. There are a number of thriving Transition Towns across Dorset that you can get involved with.

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Sustainability and Local Resilience Projects

Building local resilience via sustainability by utilising local resources in Blandford and the surrounding villages. We are building a network of active, positive people to create community projects that will make the town a better place.

Local support for a sustainable Bridport

We organise the Open EcoHomes event, the Edible Garden at St Mary’s school, and Bridport Green Fortnight; we hold various meetings and talks, we have a monthly Green drinks and we are involved in promoting local food and renewable energy

Rebuilding a sense of community

A grassroots community group that brings people together to build resilience in Poole in response to a changing world.

Creating a more resilient, locally-based life-style

We are a group of people around Weymouth and Portland who want to create a more resilient, locally-based life-style. We support and encourage local people to be practical and positive in their response to current issues such as peak oil &…