Community Fridges in Dorset

Community Fridges in Dorset

Community Fridges – The new Sustainable way to Share Food

Community Fridges in Dorset Map of Community Fridges

Community fridges act exactly as the name suggests. They are fridges in the public domain, with food often nearing its end date that are donated to the local community. The food is given by households, or supermarkets, restaurants and shops. Community fridges are a novel idea and are a step away from the red tape involved in food banks. To secure food from food banks, you need to be referred to the service. Community fridges are open to anyone.

The first community fridge was introduced by Hubbub in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire as part of its work with the Sainsbury’s ‘Waste less, Save more’ campaign. The fridge gives residents access to excess food that is shared through local businesses. It helps to connect the community, helps families save money and reduces waste. Some people donate food from their gardens and allotments; and fresh vegetables and fruit are always welcome.

Since the first trailblazer community fridge in Swadlincote, Hubbub have set up a national campaign to get more community fridges on board. Locally, there are community fridges in Bridport, and Bournemouth and Poole have recently followed suit with Dorchester soon to get one. There is the Hubbub website where you can find more information if your local community is interested in setting one up. Or you can follow our local community fridges on their Facebook pages, for Boscombe or Bridport.