Young Dorset Eco Entrepreneurs Clean Up!

Young Dorset Eco Entrepreneurs Clean Up!

Damers students win National Young Enterprise Award.

A group of young 5-8 year old students from Damers First School in Poundbury, Dorchester recently cleaned up during a visit to Clarence House! The visit was in recognition of their double award winning National Young Enterprise Fiver Challenge product. Spick ‘n’ Span is an eco friendly multipurpose cleaner, which has made a profit of £620. The children have put this money together with the £915 they made last year (from the award winning Garden Grenades – recycled paper pulp with added wildflower seeds) to buy the school a giant solar powered stop watch for the playground. They received their awards for Best Group and Most Profitable Product.

The trip was really special as Clarence House is only open to the public during August. The day was organised by their teacher Edd Moore and Mark Jankovich CEO of Delphis Eco. The children got the chance to speak to Prince Charles’ Sustainability Officer who told them all about the Prince’s eco work, especially his new passion for protecting our oceans. They then had a tour of the house and the gardens. “I am so proud of the children in Damers Eco Crew,” said their teacher Mr Moore. “The children and I will always remember this day.”

The children met with Mark Jankovich from Delphis Eco and talked about their enterprise and eco achievements and questioned him about his business, product and plastic bottles. His product is one of the top ecological cleaning products in the UK. It is made from plant-based materials. It also holds the royal warrants of the Queen and Prince Charles. Mark has recently launched the first ever 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottle during national Recycling Week.

These budding young eco students continue their good work back in Dorset with their milk bottle challenge, which raises awareness around the amount of plastic waste that is generated and the importance of recycling. You can make a pledge here. They are also promoting the Litter Free Coast and Sea, Refill Scheme to businesses in Poundbury so that members of the public can refill their reusable bottle with water for free.