Eat Food You Can Trust

Eat food you can trust from producers you know. With one in four lorries on the road carrying food, choosing local not only means you can know where it comes from, you will also be supporting the local economy and reducing food miles.

You can also:

  • Brush up those cookery skills! – save loads of money, have fun, impress your mates, especially soul mates!
  • Find out and use what’s in season and buy from local producers – get more variety and often find it cheaper than in the supermarket….
  • Cut down what ends up getting wasted by buying sensibly. Use up leftovers in great simple recipes like soups, stocks and pies
  • Eat less meat. If you’re a carnivore, treat yourself to good quality meat but eat less. Good quality meat is not necessarily labelled “finest”, it’s from animals reared in low-input systems grass-fed beef & lamb, free range pork and poultry – rather than factory farmed and imported from miles away.
  • In short buy local, buy direct, from producers you know and trust!


Further information at Local Food or Sustainable Food Cities