Start: 11th March 2020
End: 11th March 2020

Event Venue

Moordown Community Centre 21 Coronation Avenue, Bournemouth BH9 1TW

BCP Council, under the control of the Unity Alliance, has published wide-ranging and serious proposals for the local Climate and Ecological Emergency that was first proposed by the Green Party’s councillors. Yet it is clear that a more ambitious programme will be needed, and more quickly, than is currently being offered to us.

What can local Green Party members and supporters contribute?

This second local Green Party People’s Assembly event on 11th March, for Green Party members and supporters, will:

1) Open with an update from Simon Bull – Green Party Councillor for Winton East on progress in BCP Council since our last Green Party people’s assembly.

2) Break into small groups, giving everyone an opportunity (with attentive listening and post-it note-taking) to contribute their thoughts on the question of what the Green Party itself, aiming to develop leadership in as many of BCP’s communities as possible, can contribute [with facilitation from Councillor Chris Rigby – Green Party].

3) Break into further ‘open space’ small group topics:
– You can propose any question/topic for discussion, if you feel able to host that discussion in a breakout group.
– You can also request a particular discussion topic with someone else hosting – if someone else steps up, that discussion can proceed.
– We then split up and “The Law of Two Feet” applies: you use your own two feet to move to whatever discussion you can best contribute to and/or learn from, taking responsibility for what you care about.
– We will come back together for the last ~20 minutes to share flipchart notes from all the discussions.
– Flipchart notes will be compiled into a written record of the gathering, for sharing.

Topics offered will include:
– Preparing a Green Party submission to the BCP Council consultation on emergency actions – building on the flipchart notes from our previous People’s Assembly ( and added volunteer research.
– What could a positive alternative to the Bournemouth Air Show look like?
.- ..and whatever else we decide together on the night.

4) Bringing it together!

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