Start: 27th November 2017
End: 27th November 2017

Event Venue

Blandford Museum, Beres Yard (alley opposite the church in Market Place), Blandford DT11 7DQ

Please join us for our friendly Monthly Resurgence Dorset meetup in Blandford with a talk by Robin Miller, who will be summarising Earth’s five major historical extinctions in chronological order, with a simple review of their causes and effects. He will also explore present, and future potential extinctions, Including trends which indicate that we are in the process of the sixth major extinction.

As usual, this will be a free entry event with hot drinks and biscuits available (donations requested to cover costs).  There is ample parking next to the museum in Beres Yard.

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Resurgence Dorset is a group formed to raise awarenes of envionmental issues, with monthly talks, films and discussion sessions…