Start: 29th April 2018
End: 29th April 2018

Event Venue

Talbot Heath School, Rothesay Rd, Talbot Woods, Bournemouth BH4 9NJ

MOMO:TEMPO Presents: Five Songs to help us Unsee The Future

Do you wish you could unsee the future?

Timo Peach the bloke behind Momo:Tempo is not convinced the inevitable-seeming future is the only one. And in a time of unprecidented change and challenge converging on us and our home planet, he wants to find ways to inspire a different way of seeing all this.

He wants to testify to a more hopeful human tomorrow.

Building on his recent regular podcast, Unsee The Future, inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals he invites you to  join him for a night exploring a creative new work from his music project Momo:tempo and director Andy Robinson. An exclusive work in progress production he’s exploring to help inspire us all about new ways of seeing the future, and the work of shaping it.

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