Start: 12th July 2017
End: 12th July 2017

Event Venue

The Factory, Alder Road, Poole

A workshop for those who feel ‘there must be a better way’.

Create Lasting Positive Impact

This is a call for anyone responsible for marketing and growing a business now amidst the fast changing landscape we find ourselves in today. It’s an opportunity for anyone who, faced with this challenging context, has a niggling feeling that perhaps there could be a better, smarter way to do things. If you have an undeniable urge that things need to change – you’ll be in a room with others who feel the same. Together, we can shift the lens on Marketing and get around to doing the good we want to do.

The Workshop

What you’ll get Part theory, part practical application, part inspiration, this workshop is designed to give you new tools and ideas you can immediately apply to your business. You’ll also receive support from our marketing experts, to help you make the changes you want to make.

You’ll learn:

Your purpose: Find, define and hone your organisational purpose, and get guidance on what steps to take next.

A framework for change: Learn a new framework to evolve marketing from a short-term model to long-term sustainable one.

To tell the purposeful story: Get instant insight into how to shift your tone and messaging on your website in a practical session around purposeful storytelling.

How to get people on board: Learn how to communicate persuasively to your board and fellow leaders about the new lens on marketing strategy.

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