Start: 27th February 2021
End: 27th February 2021

Sustainable Dorset AGM and Talk by Robert Sharpe

  • In 2007 Robert realized that a typical household flushes about 1,500 litres of perfectly good drinking water (instead of readily available rainwater) to flush waste down the drain.
  • He then embarked on a mission to understand and minimize his personal use of energy and resources. After analyzing his transport fossil fuel usage and the benefit of electric he soon replaced his car with electric version.
  • Once he fully understood how to use electric vehicles and the many benefits they bring, he wanted to help their wider take-up wherever possible.
  • ​In the early days he identified many myths and misconceptions of electric vehicles and endeavored to inform and educate people.
  • ​Later, in order to commit more time to promote electric vehicles, he became an independent electric vehicle adviser.

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