Start: 29th October 2018
End: 29th October 2018

Event Venue

Blandford Museum, Beres Yard (alley opposite the church in Market Place), Blandford DT11 7DQ

What can you do about your waste apart from not creating any?

Monique Munroe, from local charity Ideas2Action, will help to answer this question in her presentation with some facts and figures about waste and recycling and will show that, when it comes to helping charities and good causes, you don’t have to open your purse or wallet to help them – just look in your bins!

In fact if you put the following list near your bin and save any of these items over the next few weeks, you could bring them along with you to pass on to Moniique in person on the 29th October:

· Baby food pouches (e.g. Ella) (Ideas2Action)
· Aluminium foil—any clean foil & aluminium drink cans – empty and crushed (Poole Methodists)
· Ring pulls from drinks cans (Purple Community Fund)
· Any beauty product items, empty containers eg moisturiser, toner, cleanser, roll on deodorants/facial wipe packets (Ideas2Action)
· Dried-up/broken pens, ballpoint pens, bingo pens, permanent markers, felt tips, highlighters, board markers, mechanical pencils, empty Tippex bottles (Ellie’s Fund – brain tumour research)
· Tassimo coffee discs & packaging, Kenco coffee jar lids and refill packs, L’OR pods (Poole Hospital Scanner Appeal)
· Milk bottle tops (Gift of Sight)
· Biscuit and cake wrappers (Ideas2Action)
· Stamps (Naomi House)
· Cleaning product items trigger heads, pumps, disinfectant wipe packets, washing up liquid tops and personal wipe packets like Andrex (Ideas2Action)
· Tobacco pouches and silver paper and cellophane from cigarette packets

Pam will also be collecting the following items for Sustainable Dorset:
– empty printer cartridges of all kinds
– the following devices (even if broken): mobile phones & cameras, satnavs, MP3 players, ipods, game consoles & games, laptops, tablets
– unwanted jewellery & watches
– coins or banknotes UK or foreign of any age
– stamps & stamp albums & postcards

As usual this talk will be free (donations welcome) and hot drinks and biscuits will be available. There will be plenty of free parking in Beres Yard by the Mueum.

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