Start: 12th September 2017
End: 12th September 2017

Event Venue

Blue Room at the Royal Lion, Lyme Regis

Turn Lyme Green’s meeting will feature an update from Simon West on the latest news from the world of electric cars. He is the owner of a Nissan Leaf for just under four years, travelling almost 40,000 miles in it during that time. Simon is a keen technologist and environmentalist, and closely follows developments in the electric vehicle market.

Simon writes:   With the government announcement that they will be joining all European states in banning the sale of new, petrol-powered vehicles from 2040, EVs have very much come into public awareness. The recent scandal of diesel emission figures being falsified by manufacturers, has done nothing to improve the image of fossil-fuel based transport. The announcements of new vehicles which can travel longer and longer distances has all-but eliminated range anxiety, and anyone who enjoys the latest technology will find a wealth of gadgets to play with in plug-in cars. I think there’s a definite shift in public perception about climate change and the role transport powered by renewable energy has to play in mitigating it.

I will be talking about the reality of owning an EV, costs and charging availability, the state of the market for second hand vehicles, how the infrastructure is growing, and shining an informed light on what the future may hold.

Electric vehicles are no longer a dream for the future, but a reality almost anyone can take part in today.

Prompt start at 7:30pm.

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