Start: 28th September 2017
End: 28th September 2017

Event Venue

St John’s Ambulance Hall, Rax Lane, DT6 3JJ

Transition Town Bridport are once again taking part in the Green Open Homes Event.

As part of this event there will be a talk on Greener Building and Design.

  • John Butler (Woodlouse blogger, ukulele player, Portuguese flea and energy consultant): Approaches to greener building and renovation – an exploration of the factors that contribute to making a sustainable dwelling and a discussion of the compromise between lowest impact and achievability.
  • Celia Marsh: Design for Life – getting the most out of your home. Eco-homes are about building materials and technology – and how you live in them, what we want from them and everyone’s different! Fitting our homes to our needs reduces waste both in terms of consumer goods and our time, our lives. Living in healthy homes makes us feel good. Planning for life changes and incorporating flexibility cuts down on waste and improves things for everyone. There are simple ways of improving any home for health, life and to reduce our impact on the Earth.

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We organise the Open EcoHomes event,  the Edible Garden at St Mary's school, and Bridport Green Fortnight; we hold various…