Start: 11th December 2021
End: 11th December 2021

Event Venue

ashley road, parkstone

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Win on Waste Ashley Road, Parkstone

Save and donate:

Milk bottle tops (Green Brick Workshops)
– Empty, flat crisp packets (Win on Waste)
– Biscuit wrappers (Win on Waste)
– Disinfectant wipe packaging (Win on Waste)
– Flexible laundry pod packaging (Win on Waste)
– Dried up ballpoint pens, felt tips, highlighters, board markers,
mechanical pencils, permanent markers, bingo pens, correction tape
containers, empty Tippex bottles (Ellie’s Fund for Childhood Brain
Tumour Research)
– Plastic air freshener containers, plastic cartridge caps and car air
fresheners (Win on Waste)


Fees & Tickets