Start: 27th November 2021
End: 27th November 2021

Event Venue

kinson library

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Kinson Poster Nov 2021

Save and donate:

– Bread Bags *Baby Food & Yogurt Pouches *Bras (any condition)
· Biscuit/Cake/Cracker Wrappers *Cables/Wires/Leads *Corks
· Contact Lens Packaging/disposable lenses *Crisp Packets – must be flattened
· Foreign Currency & Old Coins *Ferrero Rocher Box & Foil Wrapper *Stamps
· Household Items inc flexible dishwasher & Laundry capsule packaging, dishwasher
salt bags, tinted fabric conditioner lids, plastic air freshener containers/cartridge caps
· Keys & Padlocks *Kinder Eggs & Packaging *LOL Surprise Packaging & Accessories
· Milk & Soft Drink Bottle Tops *Make Up (used) mascara, lipstick, gloss & balm, eye
shadow compacts *Printer ink cartridges *Metal Bottle Tops *Sweet & Chocolate
Wrappers *Personal Care inc beauty product caps, pumps, trigger sprays, face wipe
packaging, plastic roll-on deodorants, plastic hand cream/beauty product tubes
· Pringles tubes (flattened) *Popcorn packets *Tassimo Pods *Oral care inc
toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads, toothpaste tubes, dental floss containers
· Plastic straws *(Used) pens, biros, felt tips, highlighters, board markers, correction
fluid/tape *Ring pulls (from aluminium drinks cans) *Ring Carriers (Plastic used to
hold cans together


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