Sustainable Health

Sustainable Health

Sustainable health – for you and the planet.

One way of living lightly on the planet is to consider Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) wherever possible, for yourself and your family.

Alternative healing systems are largely very sustainable; that is, sustainable for your health as well as for the planet. They generally use small amounts of natural resources – eg homeopathy – or none at all, as in Reiki.  Because they are based on natural substances or energy they are much safer and can often restore actual health as opposed to merely masking or suppressing the symptoms (which will never make for sustainable health).

One simple way of maintaining sustainable health is to use the Bach Flower Remedies.  They are made from flowers that grow profusely in the wild – think of all the candles on a Horse Chestnut tree – but only tiny amounts of the petals are used to produce a bottle of remedy.  They are bottled in glass and only 2 drops are required at a time.


Discovered and developed by a medical doctor 80 years ago, the remedies are gentle, safe, natural, non-toxic, non-addictive and can be used alongside any other medication.  The system is very easy to learn, and the remedies can be used safely on children, animals and plants.  They are not selected to address specific physical complaints but are chosen to deal with the negative emotions that are affecting the body detrimentally.  Once the emotional and mental balance is restored to a state of growth and harmony, the body will start to heal itself.

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