CLS in Dorset worked in Bridport and Dorchester to help communities and businesses adapt to climate change and reduce our impact on the environment.

We pursued ways to lower carbon footprints, as well as how to adapt farming and emergency preparedness. We established Dorset Community Energy, installing solar PV on 14 schools and community buildings. We promoted locally-sourced food that is good for the planet, creating Food Future Bridport. We ran energy efficiency workshops, and Open Eco Homes. We helped 10 schools achieve ‘Green Flags’.

We created a wealth of resources, and networks continue. See ‘Our Journeyour short film capturing some highlights Dorset was one of 12 Big Lottery Fund-supported CLS programmes 2013 – 2016. Since then, partners have continued to sustainability activities without the umbrella. DCA is leading an initiative based on ‘Economic Blueprint’ to investigate the value of food, health & social care, and construction materials in Bridport, and the potential for greater community-driven development.

Partners store information within their websites, but you can see CLS activities on the CLS website.

CLS partners are Dorset Community Action (lead), Dorset AONB, DCC, Da21, DCF, Dorset Public Health, Transition Town Bridport, Transition Town Dorchester, WCA, WDP, WSX Enterprise, Bridport Energy Services.


The resources can be found on the Dorset Community Action website.


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