Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is fighting for a beautiful and thriving countryside that all of us can enjoy for generations to come. Our precious Dorset countryside faces greater threats now than ever before with the pace of development accelerating relentlessly.

How we work
• Campaign to influence Government policy and legislation
• Influence planning decisions locally and nationally
• Take practical action to improve the countryside and rural communities
• Promote the ways our countryside enriches people’s lives

We are passionate about protecting the countryside. This doesn’t mean freezing it in time. We understand the need for change. We simply want to make that change positive and sustainable – such as reusing previously developed land in towns and cities for new homes, and planning roads, railways and energy sustainably, to save precious countryside.

Our members play a vital part in everything we do. We have a branch in every county, including Dorset, and over 200 local groups nationwide who work tirelessly, monitoring planning applications and campaigning hard, to protect our countryside. At the same time our national office gives the countryside a voice in Westminster and the media.

This powerful combination of local knowledge and national influence makes us extremely effective.