Dorset LNP is a partnership that brings together a wide range of partners in public, private and voluntary sectors across Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole. It exists to maximise the benefits to be gained from protecting and enhancing the unique natural assets of the area for people, wildlife and businesses. The Dorset LNP aims to:
• Provide leadership for those working to protect and enhance the environment in Dorset
• Advocate the good management of Dorset’s natural environment for its own sake and the many benefits it offers
• Articulate the importance of Dorset’s natural environment to economic and social wellbeing in a manner appropriate to diverse audiences
• Ensure that the natural environment is taken into account in policy and decision-making

The LNP has six strategic priorities:
• Natural capital – investing in Dorset’s natural assets
• Natural value – adding value to the local economy
• Natural health – developing Dorset’s ‘natural health service’
• Natural resilience – improving environmental and community resilience
• Natural understanding – improving understanding of, and engagement in, Dorset’s environment
• Natural influence – integrating natural value in policy and decision-making, locally and beyond

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