The Dorset Waste Partnership includes all seven Dorset councils except Bournemouth and Poole. We provide waste collection and disposal, street cleansing and recycling centres for residents living in this area. Recycling supports sustainability by diverting rubbish from landfill and reducing the amount of virgin materials being extracted for manufacturing new products. We also promote reduction and reuse of materials, which we ask residents to consider before recycling as these activities have even less of an impact on the environment. Actions that we promote and give advice on include reducing junk mail; donating unwanted furniture to furniture reuse centres; promoting the use of modern washable nappies; home composting and throwing less food away. We encourage these activities by offering compost bins at reduced prices and contributing £30 to parents towards the cost of buying real nappies. We also support the national “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign which provides hints and tips about how to reduce food waste as well as providing lots of recipes that use up leftovers. We are able to provide free visits to schools, promoting the three R’s, and can also give free presentations to community groups about our recycling service and waste minimisation.