We want a joined up local food economy in Bridport that produces more fruit & vegetables, supports local livelihoods and increases community well-being, promotes greater access to healthy, seasonal food for everyone,encourages and supports new farmers and food enterprises, and in ways that protect and regenerate the natural environment.

Our work makes it easier to find local food, profiles small and independent businesses growing, selling and serving local food, promotes community food projects and raises awareness about food issues and sustainable ways of eating.

Our website features a digital map of Bridport listing the food retailers, pubs and cafes going the extra mile to source local, sustainable, seasonal produce. There is a directory of the producers who provide these businesses with all this wonderful food and a comprehensive guide to all the great community food projects in our town.

Our current work is focused on quantifying the economic value of the local food system in Bridport. We spend a whopping £650,000 a week on food and drink, 75% in supermarkets. By shifting just 10% of this spend to local, sustainable food, we stop money leaking out of our economy. It makes such good sense to Spend a Tenner Locally”!

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