We are currently establishing ourselves to facilitate a place of peace and retreat for everyone. We have open space for seasonal tented camping, with composting toilets and cold water sinks being our only amenities.

We provide Nutritional Therapy as well as alternative therapies such as Reiki and Guided Meditation for people to enjoy, grow, recharge and rejuvenate. We grow our own food and hold our own animals and love sharing our knowledge about it freely. We feel it is very important that our guests have a unique, relaxing and genuine experience, while keeping our relationship with nature, sustainability, recycling in mind.

We openly and avidly support local sustainable businesses, currently promoting such awareness and businesses at our Fayre on the 9th of September 2017 which we will be holding bi annually for the foreseeable future. We envisage the money raised from such events to allow us to provide low impact wash and shower facilities, yurts and tiny homes with no detrimental impact on the environment. The kind of rural tourism where the public or school children can come and stay and learn about sustainable use of water, sustainable ways of building, and generally sustainable living.

In the near future we hope to be able to provide a space for businesses and groups to hold talks, meetings and exhibitions while enjoying the beautiful surroundings we are lucky enough to have here at Neddy Green.

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