We organise the Open EcoHomes event,  the Edible Garden at St Mary’s school, and Bridport Green Fortnight; we hold various meetings and talks, we have a monthly Green drinks and we are involved in promoting local food and renewable energy.

The era of cheap energy, abundant oil and mineral resources is over. Climate change is already affecting many hundreds of thousands of lives. Consumerism and economic growth are no longer sustainable.

We need to start the journey of transition from oil dependency to resilience.

To this end Transition Town Bridport aims to:

•Reduce local energy consumption – personal and business
•Encourage local production and consumption
•Adapt to change, and work in common to become more self-reliant

Being ‘in transition’ means to be flexible and creative in our responses to the demands of living with less and to be fulfilled and satisfied! Imagine a future where everyone has a part to play in making our local community work – from energy supply, food production, transport and leisure, through to all other aspects of life.

Transition Town Bridport will work towards making this happen

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Transition Town, Charity, Not for Profit