The Zero Waste Shop offers everyday grocery, cleaning and personal care products, packaging free and ZERO WASTE. WNWN aims to provide communities in West Dorset with accessibility to a more sustainable way of life.

The shop is founded and independently built by 23 year old Lydia Wilson from Loders, Dorset and is located in the thriving coastal town of Bridport. Lydia has visions of a ‘Waste Free World’ and has created the shop to inspire and give accessibility to the resources needed to become Zero Waste and inevitably, PLASTIC FREE. This young entrepreneurial girl is a pioneer and at the forefront of a reinvented culture in Britain. ‘Waste Not Want Not’ is amongst many Zero Waste shops that have and are opening up and down the country, a real ‘grass roots’ community that are all independent but share ideas and resources with one another in support of a better future. The Zero Waste shop in Bridport can offer a way of life, in support of community, local businesses, organic food, and of course a ‘Waste Free World’. Look after the environment and the environment will look after you. ‘Waste Not Want Not’ is made by Lydia but it is the community who will shape it.

‘Zero Waste Nomad’ the mobile arm of ‘Waste Not Want Not’ has been a key aspect of the shop from its inception. Due to West Dorset’s rurality, public transport is limited and with recent cuts to services it is nigh on impossible to access the town for some. The mobile Zero Waste shop, ‘Zero Waste Nomad’ will alleviate the isolation, by providing a direct link, accessibility and contact that is so vital to community success. This will be launched in due course to bring the shop INTO the communities of West Dorset.

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