Closing Date for this Job is 9th of August (with a starting date in the last two weeks of August by negotiation)

Sustainable Dorset has been awarded a grant of  £10,000  from the National Lottery Awards for All  Programme to develop a  Green Living Guide customised for Dorset and pilot it’s use with 20 small groups of householders. Please see the attachments for details of how to apply, the job description and person specification below.

‘Eco-anxiety’ has been on the rise since the IPCC report last September warned that ‘the 1.5C goal will require a precipitous drop in greenhouse emissions’ within 12 years to avoid runaway climate change. Here in Dorset people are worried that failure to act will result in more flooding or wildfires ruining our precious heathlands or food and water shortages. As stated in BBC reports, people need to regain hope via positive action to overcome panic or powerlessness. Seeing that we could help Dorset residents to channel such feelings into steps to reduce emissions with their neighbours, Sustainable Dorset has designed this community project to help them reduce their carbon footprint and regain hope for the future.

Our project will not only help people reduce their carbon emissions but will encourage neighbours to face challenges together by sharing resources or skills locally (eg car-sharing/lending tools) to reduce consumption, emissions and expense. Feedback on a similar ‘Transition Together’ scheme in Totnes, on which we will base our project, showed 3 key benefits: ‘good relationships with neighbours’, ‘doing something positive’, and ‘reducing carbon’.

This pilot project will run for a year and will consist of a scheme to initiate 20 groups of 6 to 8 local households to meet fortnightly in each other’s homes to read and discuss chapters in a Dorset Green Living Guide. This user-friendly manual will be given to households to guide them through 6 steps to a sustainable lifestyle (Energy; Water; Food; Waste; Transport; Local Community). Cash and carbon savings will be calculated to motivate action (estimated savings = 1.2t of carbon and £580 per home pa).

The Coordinator’s first task will be to update our existing (2014) ‘Transition Together’ manual and write the extra ‘Local Community’ chapter to create the ‘Dorset Green Living Guide’. Professional services will be used to create the final manuals, advertising flyers and a dedicated webpage.

The Coordinator will liaise with our Sustainability Champions to promote the project, give talks throughout the county and then train interested residents, chairing the first meeting of each group to set ground rules and inspire them with the project’s vision.

As we already have thousands of website, email and social media contacts, we are confident the Coordinator will be able to attract enough interest in the project by promoting it via our website, newsletters, public talks, flyers, local press and social media and our Sustainability Champions’ links with local community groups. The less well-off will be attracted by our free Guide and savings on bills while those who feel isolated will join to make friends locally.

At the end of the project data and feedback will be analysed in a final report to guide future project development.  By taking action together to combat climate change, the project will build co-operation between neighbours and local resilience. Building stronger local relationships will help create a caring and sharing community thus reducing isolation and building improved wellbeing and community cohesion.

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Contact: Pam Rosling 01258 818223