The county town of Dorset, Dorchester hosts a thriving Transition group, which has a community farm on the outskirts of Poundbury, two community orchards and the beginnings of a community woodland. The map above and the directory list below show organisations in this area. If you would like to connect with our Sustainability Champions or find events in this area please click here.

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Promoting sustainable living in West Dorset. Helping local communities and businesses adapt to the local effects of climate change and reducing our impact on the environment.​

Climate change, sustainability, sustainable energy

The County Council’s Community Energy Team remit covers sustainable development, sustainable and community energy, climate change and sustainable schools.

Compassionate Dorset aims to help end factory farming by empowering local consumers to make a difference for animals, people and our planet – through our everyday food shopping choices – from eating free-range meat/dairy to going vegan.

All over Dorset, the UK and the world, people are GETTING THINGS DONE WITHOUT MONEY … they belong to their LOCAL EXCHANGE TRADING SYSTEM.