News from Dorset CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England)

A campaign announced by CPRE (the Campaign to Protect Rural England) in their latest newsletter is reaching out to have a Re-think of the Dorset Local Plan.

You may have read earlier this month that sources for the government confirmed that they will be pausing their unpopular plans to change planning rules. While we await the formal announcement, CPRE urges Mr Gove to listen to local communities and not developers when considering the future of planning. Dorset CPRE and Dorset CAN (Climate Action Network) are also awaiting the publication of the responses to the Dorset Local Plan before formally launching the campaign for ‘Re-think of Dorset Local Plan’. 

Additionally, there is a question being put to Dorset Council Cabinet Meeting on the 5th October. See it below:

“In view of the number of responses to the consultation on the Dorset Local Plan, the fact that BCP Council are challenging their housing target, the unknown effects of Brexit and Covid-19, the stalling of the government proposals to the planning system, and the reported problems of capacity within the planning service at Dorset Council, we are asking ‘Why is the Dorset Council not seeking a legal