Recycling Blandford Transition

Recycling Blandford Transition

Growing Transition in Blandford Forum.

Recycling can be about finding new life in something left in a cupboard, unloved and almost forgotten. And for local resident Vlad Gorre, that something – the whole Transition Project in Blandford Forum, was too big to stay in the back of the cupboard! The old group is returning bigger and better and brimming with ideas, some old, some new and probably some recycled!

In less than a month the group is up and running – raising money, raising awareness and building a network of volunteers, interested parties and local organisations. Several local councillors have chipped in to cover start up costs, such as public liability insurance and their shiny new website. They have collaborated with the Allotment, The Parish Church and the Town Museum who have all supported them and been involved with the recent Apple Pressing days.

The group is ambitious and want to make Blandford a beacon for Transition in Dorset by working on projects that can run as businesses and pay for themselves to make them truly sustainable, and self-sufficient.

Organiser Vlad says “To make a real difference you need to change more, you have to change everyday life.” While he is realistic and knows this is only the beginning, they are now making those steps towards a better future.

One of their first projects is to promote home gardening by offering discounted flower and vegetable seeds to members. A shop in Blandford has kindly agreed to be the ordering, payment and collection point for the group. Buying in bulk allows them to offer a 25% discount. This scheme works to benefit local people, reduce the carbon footprint of deliveries, and helps support the Transition Blandford group.

If you are a Blandford resident and want to take part please visit their website to sign up. There are also plans to extend this discounted seed project to other Transition Towns in Dorset who may be interested.

If you live in Blandford and are inspired by this fresh start you can drop them a line if you want to help or get involved. Or maybe you have other ideas for new projects that have been lurking in your own cupboard waiting for just the right moment to come to life.