Refill Schemes are now rolling out across the UK.

Refill is a national, practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing refill points on every street.

How does it work?

Participating cafes, bars, restaurants, banks, galleries, museums and other businesses simply put a sticker in their window – alerting passers-by to the fact they’re welcome to come on in and fill up their bottle – for free! Download the free Refill rewards app to see where you can Refill on the go, or add new places to Refill yourself!

No Refill stations where you live? Start adding them to the map!  

The free Refill rewards app allows you to add Refill stations to the map. Just press and hold the point on the map you want to add a Refill point and follow the instructions! It’s super simple to populate your local village, town or city with Refill stations so you need never buy a plastic bottle again!

City to Sea launched Refill Bristol in September 2015 and there are now over 1,600 Refill points around the UK. The app has been supported by LitterFree Coast & Sea and has been up and running in Dorset since 2016.

Look out for the sticker when you’re out and about, and help to avoid plastic pollution.