Students Go Green!

Students Go Green!

Students at Bournemouth University Celebrate Go Green Week!

Last week Bournemouth University Students showed that they care about the environment by taking part in the national Go Green Week. The week’s events were organised by their very own Green Taskforce, which works on a variety of environmental issues on campus.

The Go Green Week was organised with the aim of educating and getting students involved with environmental issues. They hosted a Green film night, showing the film Mission Blue and they learnt about our oceans and marine life. Eco-beauty was on student’s minds as they discovered how to make their own beauty products with fresh natural ingredients. They also whipped up smoothies using pedal power alone on our smoothie bike, learnt more about the fracking industry and the effects it will have on our planet and the students took part in an ever popular Beach Clean featuring Shark Eggs hunt in collaboration with local charity Shark Stuff.

Transition Bournemouth took part with their Count On Me carbon counter signing up students to show how collectively our individual activities do make a difference locally, and to the planet. Student & staff carbon savings amounted to 58,660 bringing the current total to 450,300kgs of CO2 savings, which would be enough to fill the Bournemouth Balloon almost 45 times!

Sara the Green Taskforce Chair, a Masters student studying Green Economy, said ‘Students here at Bournemouth University had a lot of fun during the Green Week festivities. So many people were able to share their enthusiasm and drive for environmental issues it was great to see students getting so passionate”

The Green Taskforce won’t stop at Green Week; they are leading on other campaigns around the University campus for example, banning straws from the student union bar, encouraging students to switch to green energy providers and encouraging students to use reusable coffee cups, to cut down on waste. Recently the Green Taskforce has successfully campaigned for the university to cut any ties to the fossil fuel industry in its investment portfolio!