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Connect with our Champions

These dedicated individuals from across Dorset each have a unique way of working within their community, but what they share is a common aim to see a more sustainable Dorset. They have been recruited as volunteer Sustainability Champions and if you’re looking for local information or advice on sustainability then these will be the people to speak to. Do you know someone in your area who would make a great Sustainability Champion? If you are interested please email us.

Sustainability Champions

Natasha Dwane

Champion for Dorset Declares
Natasha is a huge advocate for living sustainably and being kinder to our planet. She loves growing her own vegetables and spending as much time as she can outside walking, cycling or sea swimming. Natasha works within business change and looks forward to supporting small businesses around Dorset become more sustainable through Dorset Declares (http://www.dorsetdeclares.com/)
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Tracee Cossey

Champion for Dorchester
Tracee likes to be aware of all things sustainable – particularly energy, waste and fuel. She has worked alongside people who turn used chip fat into oil for car consumption and recycle mobile phones to the third world. She is interested in bringing people with an interest in sustainability together – across the whole of Dorset.
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Jenny Morisetti

Champion for Shaftesbury
Jenny has a degree in Restoration and is passionate about conservation and the preservation of old buildings. She started upcycling/recycling furniture and vintage clothes in her teens and has never willingly thrown anything away that could be useful! As an Interior Designer Jenny promotes the use of renewable and recycled materials and makes her own paints. She is also qualified in Energy Efficiency Retrofit.
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Lesley Cooke

Champion for Christchurch
Lesley is passionate about preserving and respecting the natural environment and our oceans. She is a keen organic gardener and started a community vegetable garden in Christchurch. She was a founder member of Transition Town Christchurch, and is involved with Fairtrade Christchurch. Lesley is a registered Bach Flower Remedy practitioner.
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Dr Felicity Rice

Champion for Poole
Felicity is passionate about living everyday life in a sustainable and respectful way, which enhances equality within society. She is an active member of Transition Town Poole and promotes sustainable travel through Fizz Bikes, a scheme to get people using electric bikes for their daily commute. Felicity's previous work as a GP provides an excellent base for promoting public health through encouraging active travel within the transportation network. Felicity is also part of the Dorset Equality Group which looks at income inequality issues within the county.
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Susan Chapman

Champion for Boscombe
Susan keeps remarkably up to date with many local groups including FOE; Transition; Greenpeace; Poole Agenda 21; Boscombe & Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan; Southbourne and Boscombe Forums; Dorset Equality Group; Poole Community Working group; Fabians in Boscombe. Susan is a pioneer for renewable energy at home and is a tremendous campaigner on local and global issues. She reminds our councillors and MPs of the need to take heed of the climate change problem.
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