About Us

Sustainable Dorset is the central hub of all sustainable and resilient activity across the county. We aim to raise awareness and so increase interest and involvement in sustainability. We connect people and communities, supporting individual well-being, community enterprises and businesses in order to nurture resilience. We bring together the many and diverse sustainable activities across the region, and showcase to the world at large what we are already achieving. We provide sensible advice on how you can live more sustainably, and more importantly, through our website, we can connect you with projects and like-minded people across the county who are already on that journey and can provide practical ways to be involved.

Local Solutions to Global Problems

The world is faced with a growing population, which is consuming resources at an unsustainable rate. Today we face dilemmas of social inequality, environmental degradation and climate change never before experienced in human history. These are clearly global problems. However, the solutions can come from much closer to home and there are exciting new opportunities that exist to help build a better world. Sustainability is the fundamental key to all life. If future generations are to thrive, the present generation must consider safer levels of consumption of energy, mineral resources, food and water. In particular, it must develop the means for replacing its reliance on fossil fuels with renewable energy, reducing consumption and make better use of recycling resources. Building resilience helps us to equip ourselves, so that we can survive, adapt and grow in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Sustainable practices that incorporate local food systems, renewable energy, low-carbon travel and circular economics, all contribute to us becoming more resilient. This ensures we are better able to bounce back from any disasters, and cope with the impact of climate change. Dorset is a beautiful county in which to live and work with our families, friends and colleagues. Together we can help to protect it and ensure that its natural, social and economic environment continues to thrive.