The Food Assembly

The Food Assembly

The Food Assembly brings together people to buy fresh food directly from local farmers and foodmakers.

With their technology and support, everyone gets a better deal: communities get to know each other, farmers get a fairer price for their work, and you get locally sourced, unique produce: the most delicious food available!

Selling through The Food Assembly, farmers and foodmakers get over 80% for every product sold, compared to the 15%-25% that most supermarkets offer them.

Three important facts about The Food Assembly:

  1. All the food is produced within 150 miles from where you live
  2. Producers set their own price; meaning that they are paid fairly for their work
  3. The Food Assembly doesn’t act as a middleman, but as a service provider

There is currently a Food Assembly in Bournemouth and Southbourne. You can get involved by becoming a member and purchasing your food from the Food Assembly, sell you food as a producer, or host your own assembly and earn an income whilst supporting your local community.

Visit their website for more information.