Tomorrow (Demain) A Feel-Good Story

Tomorrow (Demain) A Feel-Good Story

Travel the World of Solutions.

If you watch just one film this year about what our future could look like, then this should be the one! The young DEMAIN film crew, backed by an amazing soundtrack, lead you on their journey that leaves you feeling positive and inspired, knowing that action is necessary and worthwhile.

Tomorrow (Demain) has had a phenomenal impact on audiences in France and Belgium and the Transition Town Network has negotiated the rights to distribute it in the UK. It tells the story of the search for solutions to the crisis humanity faces.

It is a hugely positive, affirming and inspirational film, exploring creative solutions in the fields of food, energy, transport, economics and education. It visits projects relating to permaculture farms, urban agriculture, community-owned renewable energy, local currencies, creative schools and ambitious recycling activity. It has been a huge boost to community-led projects.

The project was launched by a crowdfunding campaign to raise 200,000 euros but in just 2 months the amount raised was 444,390 euros. The film premiered in Paris during C0P21 in December 2015, is currently on release in 29 other countries and began its UK rollout on 24 January with simultaneous screenings in the leading Transition Towns of Totnes, Todmorden, and Bristol.

The recent screening by Transition Town Poole was attended by over 70 people keen to learn from the film’s positive messages. It was a friendly and sociable evening with good, informal discussions afterwards, giving hope that real solutions are possible to reinvent the world.

More screenings are being planned across Dorset, keep an eye on our events page for news to come. In the meantime watch the trailer to see for yourself why this film is having such an impact.

If you would like to screen the film in your area, the Transition Town Network has created a free guide, ‘Making the most of tomorrow. Your guide to organising a community screening of the film and how to maximise its impact’.

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