Travel Wisely

Thinking about how you travel and making some sustainable choices can positively reduce your impact on the planet.

Travelling for pleasure is fun, we get to go to different places, and meet up with friends and family. Travelling for work, may be less fun – either way here are some tips to green your travel plans.

  • Share your car – 70% of car journeys carry only one person.  If you drive alone to work, you may be able to share your car, this will save you money, reduce congestion and cut carbon.
  • Do you ecodirve? – Driving smoothly, avoiding excessive breaking and acceleration saves fuel, and provides a more comfortable journey for your new carshare friends.  Don’t forget to check your tyre pressure regularly as well.
  • Use public transport, try the journey planner
  • Could you cycle to work, cycling 20 minutes regularly helps to keep you fit, and regular cyclists have an average fitness according to non-cyclists who are ten years younger!  So cycle to work to get a spring in your step!

Further information at Travel Dorset