Watch Your Waste

On average people in Dorset throw away or recycle around 500kg of waste per year.  The council is currently rolling out an improved kerbside recycling scheme, collecting recyclables, food and garden waste – to read all about how this works and what happens to your waste click here

You could also:

  • Reduce – do you really need it, think before you buy.
  • Reuse – before disposing of something, can it be reused by you or someone else, think Freecycle, charity shops
  • Recycle – many recylcables are now collected by the council, or can be taken to household recycling centres
  • Compost – you can compost at home, or take part in the council’s food waste collection scheme, where available
  • Rubbish – this is the last option, is it really rubbish or someone else’s valuable resource.

Further information at Dorset Waste Partnership