Win on Waste takes to the Road

Win on Waste takes to the Road

New project for Ideas2Action – Win on Waste on Wheels.

Local charity, Ideas2Action is delighted to say that they have appointed a Co-ordinator for their pilot project Win on Waste on Wheels: Simon O’Connor. “I’m really looking forward to making Win on Waste on Wheels a success for the benefits it will bring to isolated older people’s wellbeing, waste reduction and many good causes/charities – it’s a Win Win Win scenario!!!”

Funded by grants from the Allen Lane Foundation and the Borough of Poole and Poole Wellbeing Collaborative, this new project will build on the success of their growing Win on Waste™ network as Monique Munroe, Ideas2Action’s Business Manager explains:  “We know from running Win on Waste™ sessions that they give many older people a lot of pleasure. They hate waste and like the fact that they can help good causes with it rather than put it in the bin.  We therefore thought about all those older people who are unable to physically get to a session.  How could we help give them the same opportunities?  So the idea for Win on Waste on Wheels was born.”

Simon and a team of volunteers will spend time visiting older housebound people living in the Parkstone and Poole Town areas of Poole (these are two of the five priority areas which the Borough of Poole identified specifically to tackle loneliness in older people) and collecting items from their waste. Items such as milk bottle tops, biscuit wrappers, dried up biros etc.

The project aims to help older people feel less isolated and lonely and show that they can still be useful members of society and in doing so become happier and healthier.  It also aims to help them become more knowledgeable about waste reduction, and in taking part in the project they will spread this knowledge to their family and friends.

“Ideally it would be great to see an older person become the hub for his or her neighbours, family and friends who will bring items to them.  In this way they will receive more visits and reduce their isolation even more,” Monique added.

Another benefit of the project will be the amount of items which will be passed onto good causes and through them their clients and service users.

If you live in the Poole area and would like to help Simon by becoming an Ideas2Action volunteer please contact him: Simon O’Connor or call 07771 705662.