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Blandford Museum Sustainability Forum & Environmental Trust

The Museum Sustainability Forum (previously called the Environmental Group) was set up in early 2023 to work on events and projects with an environmental focus such as sustainability fairs, tree planting, rubbish collection, and working to make Blandford a “Plastic Free” town. The Group will also arrange craft and children’s events, lectures and discussions on environmental topics.

The Blandford Environmental Trust Ltd (BET) is a partnership between the Blandford Town Museum, the Rotary Club, and The Blandford School. The Trust was established in 2010 to manage Angus Wood and other environmental projects in the Blandford area. To support its activities, BET organises community fundraising events including Blandford’s Hidden Gardens. Visit BET’s Facebook page for more information.

Blandford Forum, UK

Blandford Museum Sustainability Forum & Environmental Trust
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