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Circular Shop Weymouth

The Circular Shop is a place to borrow, buy, sell, learn and tell stories around the topic and practice of sustainability.

We are a non profit sustainable products and services shop. Currently we are doing this:

Fuel: Locally recycled sawdust briquettes (bring your own bag 35p per kilo)

Tools: WeyShare is Weymouth's library of things where you can borrow tools for a small fee (e.g. pressure washers, carpet cleaners, tile cutters, mowers, saws etc.)

Micro Pop Up Shops: Rent 1 metre sq of the shop for a week to sell your upcycled and sustainabily made and crafted products (we will also promote them online for you as part of the deal).

Coming Soon; Weymouth Seaweed Powder food flavour enhancer packed with known health benefits

Weymouth, UK

Circular Shop Weymouth
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