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Parley First School


Pupils are partners with us in considering how the school can continue to grow and develop. The school council plays an important part in this, with elected representatives from each class who meet with Mrs French and other invited members of staff each fortnight.


The Eco-council has representatives from every year group as well as staff, and they discuss what we would like to do as a school, (both towards our Green Flag Award and extra things,) what has been done since the last meeting and what we are going to think about ready for the next meeting. Everyone is equal and can speak and make comments or suggestions. Sometimes we vote as a group, sometimes the reps take suggestions back to the rest of the class/school and bring back feedback on what they think. Sometimes we need to speak to the bursar if there is something we would like to buy, (like the energy display meter.)

They constantly review our school with regard to the 9 Eco-Schools topics: Energy, Waste, Biodiversity, Water, Litter, School Grounds, Global Citizenship, Transport and Healthy Living.

Ferndown, UK

Parley First School
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