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Restoring Nature: Dorset COP panel discussion

Dorset COP was the first-ever community led Conference Of the Parties in Dorset, uniting the local community in urgent action to combat climate change, it was held on Saturday the 9th Sept 2023 at the Corn Exchange in Dorchester. The carbon-neutral event featured a series of talks, workshops, short talks, panel discussions and break-out workshops for members of the 108 participant organisations.

During this talk the speakers discussed how can we Restore Nature across Dorset? The speakers discuss rewilding, nature recovery, marine conservation and hedge restoration.

Alice Favre Custodian of the Chettle Estate. See the video linked at the end of this one for more information about the estate.

Imogen Davenport Conservation Director at the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Amy Smith Local Nature Recovery Strategy Officer with Dorset Council, which has been appointed as one of 48 responsible authorities’ in England, to lead in the preparation of a new Local Nature Recovery Strategy for the county.

Prof. Rick Stafford Bournemouth University, currently focussed on understanding and protecting the marine environment in a holistic manner.

Julie Leah from Dorset Climate Action Network, cofounder of The Great Big Dorset Hedge Project.

Dorset, UK

Restoring Nature: Dorset COP panel discussion
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