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Slades Farm Community Garden

Transition Bournemouth initiated the Slades Farm Community Garden project in 2012 to help create a sustainable wildlife friendly community garden and carry out conservation activities.

This community project aims to run regular work parties throughout the year which will be led by the season and weather.  Everyone is welcome to get involved as there are conservation tasks to suit all ages.

Our events

Transition Bournemouth’s Community Garden work parties are held on a monthly basis in Slades Farm Community Garden, usually led by project leader Theresa McManus.  Also, there are sometimes the occasional wildlife survey and social get-togethers.  They are all drop-in sessions, so you don’t need to arrive at the start time and don’t need to stay until the end – unless you want to of course!

We have planned a number of monthly work parties to include a number of activities, depending on the season and weather, such as creating and maintain hedging, fencing, bramble bashing, pulling up unwanted saplings, putting up bat and bird boxes and creating wildlife habitats.

Bournemouth, UK

Slades Farm Community Garden
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