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Tamrisk Farm

Tamarisk Organic Farm is a family farm above the Chesil Beach on the beautiful Jurrasic Coast of Dorset. We were among the first farms certified by the Soil Association and have grown wholesome, organic food here since 1960. We firmly believe in working with nature to produce sustainable and ethical food for people and planet.

The farm was started in 1960 by Arthur and Josephine Pearse growing vegetables in the heart of the village. Their daughter Ellen, and her husband Adam have taken on the work of managing the 600 acres of mostly National Trust owned land, growing cereals and raising cattle and sheep.

Tamarisk Farm was fundamentally organic even before Organic certification existed. Our horses are the offspring of shire horses that were used as draught animals at that time. Nowadays they help us get around the farm and herd the animals.

The current farm is, we believe, the best of both worlds: a mixture of time tested, and modern approaches to putting quality food on the table.

Tamarisk Farm, Beach Road, West Bexington, Dorchester, UK

Tamrisk Farm
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