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Transition Town Dorchester

Transition Town Dorchester is a grassroots community project set up to bring people together with the aim of increasing sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, using resources wisely and protecting the environment, all in an attempt to tackle climate change in our small corner of the world.

We are doing a whole range of activities which we believe contribute to creating a productive and flourishing environment, where both people and wildlife can live together in harmony.

We have a Community Farm, on previously redundant land which now produces lush harvests of fruit and vegetables in our large polytunnel, outside raised beds and small orchard area.

We have two orchards, one adjacent to the farm and one near Dorchester South station, with nearly 200 fruit trees which have matured over the years to bear plenty of fruit.

We have planted a Forest Garden – a self-contained ecosystem, mimicking the structure of a natural woodland, containing plants which interact positively with each other and which are mostly edible, or bee friendly, or nitrogen fixing (or all three!).

We hold Green Drinks on the first Thursday of every month, where like-minded people gather for a chat about all things environmental, and an unofficial Green Coffee meeting every Friday at 12 @Finca – Dorchester.

We have recently helped with opening a Repair Cafe which holds monthly sessions in Dorchester.

Dorchester, UK

Transition Town Dorchester
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