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Youth Activism: a Dorset COP panel discussion

Dorset COP was the first-ever community led Conference Of the Parties in Dorset, uniting the local community in urgent action to combat climate change, it was held on Saturday the 9th Sept 2023 at the Corn Exchange in Dorchester. The carbon-neutral event featured a series of talks, workshops, short talks, panel discussions and break-out workshops for members of the 108 participant organisations.

This session was hosted by Laura Baldwin and Olivia Bowditch student representative from Gryphon School (Sherborne) part of Sherborne Area Schools Trust (SAST). Co-organiser of the forthcoming Griffin COP 28 event, bringing together environmentally concerned students from all the SAST schools.

Keynote speaker: Alex More Assistant Head Teacher Shaftesbury School.

Ed Moore who leads on Ecological work at Damers First School. There were also contributors from two students from Damers School.

Henrietta Love representing Young Farmers and shortly starting a University degree in rural environment and Land Management.

Louis McKechnie who in the 2½ years has been involved in several civil disobedience protests with Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain and Just Stop Oil. He's been arrested and imprisoned for these acts.

Dorset, UK

Youth Activism: a Dorset COP panel discussion
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